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Brixham was called Briseham in The Domesday Book. It's population was 39.





The Royal Navy used Brixham as anchorage during the Napoleonic Wars. When hostilities commenced with France in 1795, Forts were built at Berry Head to safeguard Tor Bay from the enemy.. We now have some of the best examples in the Country of Forts from those days.


In 1809 Berry Head House (now Berry Head Hotel) was built as a War Hospital.


in 1815, a British Man of War, the HMS Bellerophone, bought Napoleon to Brixham on his way to exile in St Helena.





Brixham was traditionally known as two areas; FishTown (where the fishermen lived), CowTown (where the farmers lived). Celebrating the rich heritage of both our fishing and agricultural communities.


Brixham Heritage Museum

History is happening now; we try to bring Brixham's story to life....

Did you know?

The famous Red Sails on Brixham's Trawlers were coated with local red ochre for protection.

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8,000 Belgian Refugees came to Brixham during World War 2

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Brixham's fishing fleet was devasted by 'The Great Storm' that took place on the night of 11th January 1866.


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The American Army left from Brixham when they took part in D-Day Operation Overlord



We are working closely with Brixham Heritage Trail - just another way that we can bring our history to life....



We are proud to announce that the latest World War One book by Samantha Little is now available. "Writing Home to Brixham: Lives across a Century" is an emotional read as Soldiers from the Front Line write home to their loved ones in Brixham. This is the fourth of Samantha's book and you can buy your copy at the Museum.

Did you know?


The Replica of the original 17th Century ship 'The Mayflower' was built in Brixham. The Ship was built in 1955/56 at the Upham Shipyard and was financed by private donations in England and the Plimouth Foundation, an American Museum. It represented the alliance between Britian and the United States during World War Two.


The Ship is considered a faithful generic replica (except for electric lights and ladder replaced by lower deck staircase) with solid oak timbers, tarred hemp rigging and hand coloured maps. It is 106ft long by 25ft wide, 236 tons replacement, 3 masts (mainmast, foremast, mizzen, a bowsprit and 6 sails.

There is always something going on in our beautiful little town. So why not make a day of it? Enjoy the harbour, the lovely cafe's, shops and pubs. Breathe in the Brixham air ... and pop in and see us at Brixham Museum, we'd love to greet you!


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