Come and say 'hello' to our Brixham Smuggler, he's not really scary....

Dress up as a Pirate Wench, we've got lots of

dress-up clothes for you to play with....

We want our children to see themselves as "Guardians of our Heritage" and "Super Heroes of History" so during Brixfest this year we asked kids to create a "Heritage Heroes Team" - The Characters they came up with are so good that we now have our Team plus their Friends and their Arch Enemies. 

The Team will be transformed by a local artist in the coming months, in the meantime, here is quick look at all the characters, straight from the creative imagination of children ....


We have been improving our facilities for younger visitors.  We want to encourage them to explore the Museum and they can borrow Activity Bags to help them on their Adventure.

We want them to have a 'hands-on' experience, so we enourage them to dress up, draw, take part in competitions - anything to encourage learning with fun.


It's important that we create the conditions that will allow our children to fall in love with history and get excited about the past.

Find out more about these great sessions that we offer for schools:-

  • Fishing & Ropemaking
  • Ice Age Brixham
  • World War II
  • Victorian Pastimes
  • Archaeology
  • Egyptian Cats & Food
  • Napoleonic Berry Head


We are honoured to have this Project funded by the Heritage Lottery Funding and Torbay Council. 

If you are a Registered Child-Minder then this is exclusively for you:, a Project that teaches young children about Torbay's Heritage.  Five of our childminders have gained the prestigious Bristol Standard Award.

We arrange some great activities such as mini-digs, storytelling, trips and local walks to historical sites - and we make it fun!


Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, so our aim is to making learning as easy as possible for our younger Visitors.  If that means they dress up in period costume or play with a Steam Train, well who are we to argue as long as they are having fun.

For our older 'children'.  We have an extensive Library and Archives.  Philip Armitage, our Curator,  is also Director of the Museum's Volunteer Archeological Team, building on his experience as Environmental Research Officer for the Department of Urban Arachaeology at The Natural History Museum.  Philip is also provider of the Schools Programmes.  This Musuem won the Family Friendly Museum Award in 2013.  So we have something for all ages and all areas of interest.


Our Archives and Library are a treasure trove of Brixham history.    Not only do we have an amazing assortment of Brixham photo's, most of which can be purchased for Business use, but also an incredibly well preserved collection of Maps.  This means that if you are searching for the history of your Family, your Fishing Vessels or your House, we should be your first port of call.  For a small donation of £20 we can do a Search for you and there is no better place to start.   Our Library and Archives are also open free of charge to our Museum Members.

Whether you are taking part in a Research Project, writing a book or just want some information of an aspect of Brixham history, we would love to hear from you.   Our Museum is the Caretaker of our Heritage and all of that knowledge is at your disposal.